12 April 2009

Bestfriend :(

or should i say, ex-bestfriend ? hmph,

i know i've been a jerk bestfriend ever for you, i never make you happy, i never cheer you up, i don't make jokes with, and whenever you're with me, you don't feels like, you wanna laugh,

i don't really brighten up your life, i always hurt your feelings right ? and, you prefer to be with other bestfriends than me, i know that, i can see it in your face, its obviously showed in your acts, don't deny your feelings, i understand, and yeah, i am hurt, but i know you hurt more by all my mistakes with you, and again, i am sorry,

and now i realize, how much i burden you, you have to pretend like you like me to be my bestfriend, be wherever i am, together follow my steps, and now, because of that night, i kinda tell me, that i should step backward from your life, you're even don't care right ? no worries, i am fine,

i guess, i don't need any bestfriends anymore, i can be on my own, yes, eventhough i never can, this time, i'll try till i can, and yeah, don't ever look at me anymore, just ignore my presence, and of course, i'll miss our memories, that we shared from last precious year, :')

i'll pray for your happiness with your own bestfriends, who didnt even assume me as their bestfriend, and fyi, i'm sick with this situation, i'm sick of keeping all my tears and hurt feelings just because of friends who used to be my bestfriends,

and yeah, i'm sick of word BESTFRIENDS,

PS. this entry is for you, the one that suddenly don't even talk to me,

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