26 January 2010

I want to change my life , can I ?

Within one month , I have discovered that confident , happy N successful are not necessarily born with 'Superior talent' , 'extraordinary intelligence' , 'motivated genes' or 'super good looks' (althou it may seem so) . So from that , I have discovered the right strategies to make my life become more better than before this . I also TRY to do like these

Balance my study , on9 , love and family effectively
Achieve top grades in University (REALLY HOPE SO)
Get along with my parents ( even thou they may still drive I crazy at times :p)
Motivate myself whenever I feel lazy (all times eyt?)
Make friends easily (be sporting at all)
Confidently deal with any CHALLENGES (I CAN DO IT!)
Make smarter decisions

In my life, what I dreams , what I want , it's not easy to become a reality to me at all.
Failed ? Just like that . But then , the difference is when I dont get or reach my aims , my goals , I dont see it experience as failure , NO . But I see it as a 'Learning experience' .
I have to motivated myelf bcoz I have learned something , learn from my mistakes , and promise with myself I will not do the same thing again , I will change it , prove it , until I succeed .

I can type what my mind n heart said , but... can I do it ?

*Believe in urself :)

Thank you

*Spirit me

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