09 June 2009

Struggle for today , 9th June 09

Hah . I think this week ONLY Keramat Valley High School has an extra class . Wow . Sounds Good . Haha :D But well , in the morning i woke up at 740am yaww ! :D My m0m already called me to get ready for school . But dehh =.= i said 'lia ta siap lg , ma pegy dlu ar' So that i force & shaken my 1st sizta to send me to school . *Lega . Im lazy to walk ^^ . I arrived at school at 830am something . Then , at school , pn Aisyah taught us BM for 2 hours . :) And I heard she likes an innuendo to me coz she said something like this ar 'biase la dtg lambat ke sekolah' , 'jgn dtg lewat ke sekolah' etc :p Haa siapa makan cili dia terasa pedasss . Like me ! Haha whatever lah . Then ckg minta divides into 3-4 people to make one group . Each group must do the assignment (acecehh!) for 20mints and must present it infront classes . Yeah . My group choose me to present the assignment , i dont know what to do . So hentamm ajeh . Haha . Ada yg angguk2 , thnx2 :D Haha . after that we had physic class, but this time we need to join with 5AF . Wahh so meriah . Today we study new chapter that is radioactivity . :) Best kowtt this chapter . :) Interesting ! ...Blablabla...tick tock, HAH! sharp 1230pm , is time to back home , i stunned Aimi 'weyy balikk!!' coz on that time Aimi and I did together an exercise that teacher gave to us .

After that , Im with Mia go to Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju to had lunch and pray before go to tusyen at 2pm . Later and later , then when we are arrived at tusyen(205PM) , wow ! I saw SO MANY PEOPLE ! lol xD Zhariff said today ta rmai . Haish . Yolah tuh . Sampai ta cukup seat deh . Syukur I got a seat yg tsorok and HUJUNGGGG skali . Haa *mmg Sejukkk ! Again , today blajar new chapter that is Binomial . Wahh baruku sedar chapter ni senang SIOTTT* =.= Haha . Before this , when learn with Pn Hamidah, I not really understand about that topic . Blurrr blurr like that ahh. Alhamdulillah now dah understoood sgt2 :D .Ngee . Thanks sir ! Thanks Pn Hamidah . :) We finished class at 430pm . Then we went down we met Syaza . She's finee and Happy Mappy with her Bf . :) Good . After that I should go to English classes, but that class on 6 pm, so I lazy to back home, then I decided to join malay class with Syara. When I was in cls Bm I thought a *new teacher , but i dont think so =.= Next , last class is BI . Study2. * I have tried to pushh my brain and perah smpai my blood pon dah lose ! God . Poor me T.T But overall best la belajar kan. At least today aku telah discipline and train to be orderly of myself , and I trust myself :) Yeah Lia you can do it ! Just ignore what people want to say negative okeyy . Geezzz :D

My dad fetch me while my mom waited me at Lay Pak Kopitiam . Wahh so delicious larh . Best ! Marvelous ! Why dont you try it ? =) Next post about my birthday , insya-ALLAH . Assalamualaikum :)

*Aimi & Syima thanks for the presents :)

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