04 February 2013

Volunteer Orientation Program

VOP Batch January 2013

Hye uolls ! 

Sorry because recently I'm so busy . Btw , still remember that I said I need to attend 1 week orientation program for Volunteers Petrosains ? So , I have done it ! And yeah . It's very awesome ! I meet new friends with different background , ages , and so on . Then I build my confidence level as high as I can . For the first week , we introduced ourself , need to show our 'tagline' , oh yeah I don't have an idea or else , I'm not creative , but I using this 'acane tuh?!' as my tagline . Then , we played , we danced like crazy , we screamed out , we played 'Vanilla Coklat' , I forgot my partner already . Damnn . Then what else ? Okay , it's totally full of happiness ! . Hehe . Lets watch this video :D *krik krik*

Seriously , I miss you all !!! Thank you for asking how I’m doing, and actually wanting to hear the answer. Thank you for hugs, smiles, inside jokes, and memories. Love you all. Memories never fade. :')

Okay , got to go now . Catch you later . Bubye =D

1 Malaysia :D

Hot stuff

With Daryl

Im at level 41 Petronas Twin Tower

Im at level 86 Petronas Twin Tower

Proud to be a Malaysian :)
With friends

Actually there's alot picture I want to upload here , but didnt get all pic from abg Iryn I think? (nama abg photographer tu slalu tukar2 nama, so pening)

ps ~ i miss to chitchat with you Mr M . hehe .

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