29 March 2013

Freeze Mob at Petrosains

Do you guys know what this mean "Freeze mob"? At first , I didnt know what is freeze mob , and I heard Freeze smoke. Then I imagined we need to avoid smoke or what? Hahaha. Lol . Then when I search internet its like we freeze for 5 minutes and above and show something that we want people around us to read . Something like that . So , last week , at Petrosains KLCC level 4, we did special event which is we celebrated 14th Birthday Petrosains ! Wow ! Congratulation Petrosains =D Im really pround to be one of the family Petrosains and Petronas :')  

So we did alot of activity such as minishow , buskers , gift away , paint face , freeze mob and etc . Petrosains need more volunteers to make the activities become successful . And yeah , we did it ! I did freeze mob . The rest im not incharge . I got an experienced freeze infront alot of visitors , peoples , strangers , lol haha . After this I will show some pictures we did freeze mob . Other than that , we can freeze whatever style but make sure it must be an easy and comfortable style because most people will disturb us , like touch us , make a funny face a.k.a troll face haha , taking pictures , ehem . Feel like an artist btw ^^ So , every of us need to hold a sheet of paper that contain about our event , that is Our Earth Our Home and also Earth Hour. So like I said just now , when people read , so they know what we want to tell about , its more like aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for earth's environment. And Alhamdulillah we did our best for Petrosains . Congratulation all of you . 

Ps ~ nak datang petrosains or skybridge let me know first :D haha

That's all from me. Thank you :)

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