29 March 2013

Twin Towers Alive 2013

On 22nd and 23rd March I went to concert Twin Towers Alive 2013 . Alhamdulillah , both tickets I've got for free because I'm working under Petronas at Petronas Gift Shop. Can read this post .  Thanks to Kak Izzi offer me for that job ! Then since from that , I friends with staf Petronas Gift Shop ! They all are really fun and friendly with me. Day by day, I started close with them :) 

Okay , for the first time , I met artist that I actually never know at all. Noob. Haha. I went with my friends , and look likes they all really enjoyed with the concert , but not like me, just go because for free. Lol. But anyway, I had fun with them thank you guys and the concert too :D

Oh btw , on 23rd march , TTalive countdown for Earth Hour (1 hour) at KLCC ! Seriously , for the first time I saw KLCC switch off all the lights one by one, from top to bottom, and same goes around Kuala Lumpur. Oh my.. awesome !! :D

Demi Lovato !!! (5star)

2NE1 (5star)

Backstreetboys (5star)
U say U , I say Kiss ! U-Kiss ! (5 star)

K-Town Clan (2star)

Mizz Nina (3star)

One Nation Emcees (3star)

Atilia (2star)

Dem Lepak Boys (2star)

Caprice (4 star)

This video I record using Sony Xperia V =) ahaks


  1. jelez nye !!!dapat jmpe ukiss!!!nak jmpe dorg jugak hukhkuk