20 May 2010

Beliefs that everyone thoughts were absolutely true

Assalamualaikum :D Wassup guys ! ahakz~

Yeah~ let me share with you some beliefs that everybody once thought were true . After all , famous and successful people once said these words and everyone believed them for years .

''There is no likelihood that man will tap the power of the atom''
~ Robert Miliken , Nobel Prize Winner for Physics 1923

'Everything that can be invented has been invented''
~Charles H Duell , Director U.S Patent office in 1899

''Television won't be able to hold on to a captive audience after six months. People will soon get tired staring at a plywood box every night''
~Darryl F. Zanuck, Head of 20th Century Fox in 1946

''The Earth is the centre on the universe''
~Ptolemy , Great Egyptian Astronomer 2nd Century

''For the majority of people , the use of tobacco has a beneficial effect''
~Dr. Ian G. MacDonald L.A , Surgeon Quoted in Newsweek 1969

''Man will never reach the moon regardless of all future scientific advances''
~Dr. Lee De Forest , Inventor of the Audion tube

''Nobody will ever need more than 640k RAM in their computer!''
~Bill Gates , Founder of Microsoft in 1981

''The horse is here to stay , but the automobile is only a novelty''
~President of Michigan Savings Bank advising Henry Ford not to invest

These beliefs may seem stupid and crazy today , rightt ? But remember that for decades many people beleived them to be 100% true !!!


  1. wuuuhuuu!!! (~^0^)~....x fhm :P


  2. u know what the benefit of believing??

    from believe, there will be hope..
    when there's a hope, there will be works

    when there's work, there will be sweat

    from sweat, there'll be pray..

    when praying, you will hope again..

    and when there's a hope, there'll be gratefulness..

    bagus kan?

    syukur dgn sume yg Allah bagi

  3. kepercayaan adalah sebenarnya memberi semangat yg kental pada kita utk melakukan sesuatu x)