18 May 2010


Assalamualaikum and Hye x)

Friends ? Yeah~ We all need friends . It's impossible to survive in this world without them . Friends are there to share our happy moments and to help us get through the most difficult times in our lives .

To be happy and successfull , we all need good friends :)

Although some people may claim that they don't need any friends , the truth is that we can never be happy if we are all alone (unless he/she have a bf'/gf that no need a friends , lol) Achieving all the success in the world means nothing , if you have people you care about , and who care about you , to share it with .

Imagine , (like spongebob said 'imagination', hoho) , being able to score the best grades , have the highest IQ , win all the sports medals , drive the sleekest(smooth) car , and yet not having a single friend who genuinely likes you for who you are . All that success would not mean much , would it ?

If you find it difficult to make friends , or to find a true friend (or maybe bestfriend) , don't worry . When I was in school , there were times when I faced these very same problems . So now , I want to share with you to make a true friendships that last forever . Read on~

Okey, the kind of friends you choose to hang around with will affect the choices you make everyday , the way you behave and the results that you will get .
Friends will affect the big decisions you need to make, not just the little everyday ones such as WHERE to hang out .

Read below~

Hang around happy people , and you will become happy
Hang around miserable people , and you will become miserable

Hang around winners and you will become a winner
Hang around people with a loser attitude , and you will become a loser

So the conclusion is
The right friends will help make you successful , whereas the wrong friends can ruin your life


  1. Betul- betul. :) kamu pon kawan yang baik~

  2. jadi, kawan la anda sebaik-baiknya..

    jadi la kawn yang baik..

    "Tidak sempurna iman seseorang itu, jika dia tidak mengasihi saudaranya sebagaimana dia mengasihi dirinya sendiri"

    (anyway, best la lagu kat blog ko ni)

  3. hoho! ^00^

    *xde idea nak ckp apa...

    kwn buat kte golek2 sampai ke jln raya?? lolx~