19 May 2010

I Love reading . WHY ?

Assalamualaikum and hye :)

Alright now I want to write about why I love reading~
But not all books I love to reading , for example text books :p (seriously)
That's why I choose go to further study in dip accountancy , lol~
Love to calculate , solve the calculation and so on
the books that I love to read such as motivation , spirit , and give the opinion~
something kind like that

Now the reasons with my post in this time are

  1. Relieve stress :-
Our habit of reading relieves us from stress and in addition it also makes us feel fresh . It works as a relieving pill for our tired mind . Regular reading strengthens our reading muscles and keep the mind fresh

2 . Learning and knowledge

There is no better opportunity for learning than through reading . Almost every human being , great or average has gain most of the knowlegde through reading , in comparison to any other means . Routine reading expands our mind tremendously . A great benefit of reading is that we came to know about the history of the great people who had lived before our birth .

3 . Sharp and fresh mind

The other main benefits of reading include making you intelligent , sharpen your mind and making you feel more confident . It is bcoz of reading that the person feels complete and the mind remains cool and that help us in staying fresh during the course of the day .

4 . Good ideal for kids

Reading sets a nice example for younger generation . You can communicate the message to them more properly by your reading habit than anything you could say . You can't show them how much you value reading , if you do not read yourself . A regular habit of reading can keep your mind occupied and full of life , even during your old ages .

*the information that I got from health and life style web ~ Thanks ^^.

I will stop now , because I need to buy something and then go to the beach~
Who wants to join me ? JOM~ lol
See ya ^______________^v


  1. want to know why you love reading??

    it's because,

    Reading is what you love to do..


  2. wow! dye da jadi motivator lar :->

    HEEE~~~ xD

  3. aiman : HAHA ! terbalik2 jeww kau nie . heee . thanks man~

    nash : ahakz~ biasa jew la . :D