18 May 2010

Consciousness ='

For the satisfaction human always forget the God punishment
Also for the satisfaction, the prohibited I make it rightful
I chase away my parents , just to fullfill my own desire
Till when, I have to get through the days like this

I want to be like the other people that happy with their own life
Human have to make their decision in life whether good or bad
If it's the wrong way that they choose , they will suffer in the end
Like what I did before..the wrong way.
The forbidden path..Against the rules of Allah
But like it or not I have to go through it .
It's what I have choosen
Because of my wrong decision ,
I was aparted from the society
Am I bad ?
But I believe
I still have the hope to change myself
To change into His beloved mankind
The mankind that doesn't have to insult others
But I become so numb in every single step that I take
I'm scared frightened.. where should I start ?

''Ya Allah , please give me strength to find the right path, My heart is not calm, Ya Allah , please show me the right path , make it easier for me''

I'm still searching the right way that I have to go through
The way that the other people can accept me and
doesn't judging me by who I am

Mom please forgive me
I make a lot of mistake to you
But I know that you LOVE me so much
you never ashamed to admit that I'm ur son
I promise to you that I'll CHANGE to be a better person

''Ya Allah please open the door of forgiveness, I want to change , I want to go to Your Heaven , Please don't send me to the Hell''